Cheliax, Empire of Devils

The Craziest Dream of My Life

Notes of Dr. Herbert West

Date Description
Lamushan 16th, 2016 I had one of the most fucked up dreams of my entire life. I don’t even know how to describe it. I have to write this down. This must have some sort of meaning. I will go over what I have written when I am more fully awake to understand it better. I was looking at myself, but I was multiple people, from above. All three of me were in pieces. I was in immense pain. I was screaming, but nobody could hear me. I actually woke myself up shortly after this. I looked around in a panic. Sweat was falling off of my face. Cold sweat. I had to get a drink of water. I went back to bed.
I was staring at an old abandoned house. It was a simple house, nothing special. But there was this well. Tentacles of shadow wriggled and wreathed about the ground, as if in search of something, but blindly searching. There was an eldritch sort of light emitting from the well. It felt so warm and comforting. It drew me towards it. I have never felt so comfortable in my entire life. So mesmerized by the glow. I was compelled to look into the well.
As I peered over the well, the eldritch energy pulled me in. I had absolutely no fear. I felt, reassurance, in fact. There was no hesitation. No fear of falling. Just pure comfort and relief as the eldritch energy swirled about me while I was in free-fall. I didn’t want to reach the bottom. I wanted to endlessly feel the soft caress of the light as it flickered off my face and stroked through my hair. I closed my eyes to enhanced my sense of touch. I felt a smile form on my face. I opened my eyes and the light was gone. Only ruins stood before me.
Curiosity overcame me. I walked towards the ruins. Why was I here? Where the hell am I? Those were the only things I was wondering. I missed the eldritch energy. I missed the light. As I made my way towards the ruins in hopes of finding more eldritch light, I stepped in something. There was a mud-like squishing sound as my feet plunged into some sort of fluid. I allowed my eyes to adjust itself to the twilight lit darkness. What was this? It was thick. It felt dry. It was viscous, and pliable. I reached my hand into it. It oozed through my fingers, very slowly, as if it were molasses on a cold day. Then I noticed the flicker of it and it dawned on me. Primordial ooze. The beginning of life.
It all began to make sense now. In alchemy, we take substances to their base element. We boil seawater down, for example, to get to the salt within it. We boil urine, for example, to get to the phosphorous. This primordial ooze, is the base element that life sprung from. What is the oldest form of life that archaeologists have foretold? Crustaceans, Insects, and… Reptiles. Yes! Of course, reptiles! They have evolved so little over their existence. Their essence is still primordial. That’s what my reagent is missing.
I awoke after this revelation. My feet landed upon the floor hard. I don’t even know if they rubbed across the bed on their way down. I was so awake. So focused. I had renewed purpose. Frustration was replaced with anticipation. Cold sweat was replace my grim determination. Anxiety was replaced with reassurance. I was awake now. I can see my lab. I can see my research notes. I will conclude this recollection of dreams. I have work to do.


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