Kishka Bratva

The Koshka Brotherhood have deep roots in organized crime. Originating in Brevoy, and spread out all over Golarion, the Brotherhood has ties in almost all countries. Their activities include human trafficking, drug smuggling, arms dealing, and recently hired assassins.

Goal: Make As Much As Money While You Can

Members of the Brotherhood, while illicit, are centered on business and profit, and expanding their presence deeper and deeper into every community.

Attaining these goals are of utmost importance. Many members pose as normal members of a society, and corrupt any and every one to allow business to begin taking place. Others offer their services in the way of being a bodyguard for higher ranking members, or worse yet, being a sword for hire.

Alignment: LE

At their core, the Kishka Brotherhood depends on strict hierarchy and assurance that members adhere to the orders given by higher ranking members. Without strict discipline, businesses, contracts, and other affairs would likely fall apart very quickly. Also, fronts for organized crime are vital; the presence of law and order must be sustained – especially when it’s being broken.


Central leadership is maintained in Brevoy. Chapters, so to speak, are scattered all throughout other countries and cities within those countries.

Good Class Choices: Fighter, Monk, Rogue

Challenging Class Choices: Druid, Bard, Paladin


Main headquarters is located secretly within Brevoy.


As a secret organization that strictly vets new members, family within Brevoy and Ustalav is the main source of recruitment. Word of mouth spreads quickly. Initiation includes various things and is dictated at local levels, depending upon the criteria needed at the time. Typically, the Brotherhood finds potential members, rather than members finding the Brotherhood.

Gaining Prestige

Anything that advances the profit and presence of the Brotherhood will allow prestige to be gained.


Despite being spread out all over Golarion, members have access to the black market first and foremost. Business loans are also available, as well as slaves, business contacts, and other assets.

5 TPA, 2 CPA

Boyevik. Become a full member. Gain 5 ranks, for free, in Profession (Kishka Bratva). This gives you a basic standing and small source of income.

10 TPA, 1 CPA

Borrow a magic item that costs less than 5,000 gp for 1 week. It must be returned, or purchased if it can’t be returned.

10 CPA

Brodyag. Gain the Criminal Reputation feat. You must meet the prerequisites. This requires an 8-hour a day, week long regimen. The Brotherhood requires its members to be tough and influential via various methods.

15 TPA, 1 CPA

Pacanov. Gain the Black Marketeer feat. You must meet the prerequisites. This requires an 8-hour a day, week long internship. The Brotherhood requires its members to be well connected and have access to things to further their cause.

20 TPA, 1 CPA

Vor. Gain the Associate feat. You must meet the prerequisites. The Brotherhood recognizes you as a middleman and promises a bright and promising future.

20 TPA, 8 CPA

Avtoritet. Gain the Guild Partner feat. You must meet the prerequisites. The Brotherhood recognizes you as a senior member and promises a wealthy and influential future.

Kishka Bratva

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