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  • Hopefully No One Ever Reads This

    I hate my mother. She is a strong woman, and devoted to her family. She is a great worker and cares a great deal for her clientele. She is a very knowledgeable person and believes …

  • Mental Ramblings of a Madman

    In my studies, I have come to the conclusion that chaos is the natural order of things. We humans, with our pattern seeking behavior, strive to make order out of …

  • I Can Do That

    I never stooped to the level of pathetic behavior that other kids did. A kid at school would fall down and start crying. A girl would turn a boy down for a dance and his world would be shattered. A kid would regret and beg the teacher for another chance …

  • The Whispers of C'Thun

    My personal research has brought me to learn of C'thulhu's herald, a monstrosity named C'thun. C'thun likes to whisper to us when we are vulnerable. In my case, when I am sleeping. The whispers of my madness now has a name. I can't get his whispers out of …

  • Education of Dr. Herbert West

    Bachelor of Alchemical Science

    Doctor of Alchemical Science

    Education of Dr. Grigori Strand

    Diploma of General Alchemical Theory

    Bachelor of Medicine

    Education of Lord Ichabod Crane

    *Bachelor of Law* *Master of Law*

    The End of My Logia

    This is my 114 logion, which will complete my logia. I have to face my persecution. The world around me is confined by the laws of angels and demons. They …

  • The Rats in the Walls

    I must be very deliberate now, and choose my words. After sloughing down a few steps amidst the gnawed bones we saw that there was light ahead; not …

  • I'm Losing My Mind

    Each one of [[:grigori-strand-md | my]] trophies has a name. Each one of my trophies has a story. I can look at them all and remember all of them. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I peruse over them. The memories, the intensity, the gratification... …