Cheliax, Empire of Devils

Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

I have never cried a day in my life. At least, I have no memory of it. I have never felt sadness, or guilt, or shame. Those emotions just don’t exist for me. When someone loses a loved one, or they receive the damning news of something inevitable, or a loved one committed a morbid atrocity, I seriously can’t relate to what they are feeling. I can only look upon them with wanderlust, and awe. What is it they are experiencing? How does that feel? I have been asked many times, “How can you stand there and not shed one tear? Don’t you care about anything?” Truth is… I do care about a lot of things. I just don’t feel what most people do. Maybe that is how I can do the things that I do. Who knows?

I often contemplate my own existence…. and worth.

After hearing some weird lightning storm happening outside, I went out to investigate, like most of the others. A tremendous cacophony overtook us all, and within a flash, a man, along with some debris, literally fell from the sky; landed in the middle of Ft. Wilderness. His name is Ash. I was a little bewildered at first, chalking this up as some eldritch mistake. But, he mentioned something that I have only read about in forbidden texts. He mentioned it with such a familiarity and lack of appreciation; I couldn’t remove my eyes from him. I studied his every move. I was completely captivated. I needed to know more.

His name is Ash… Housewares.

Through the commotion, a creature I have never seen before came flying toward him. It must have knew him because it was cursing his name. Without any hesitation on his part, and a lot on our part, he pulled out the most finely crafted firearm I have ever seen. It had to be a firearm because a very loud boom came from it, and caused the head of the murderous creature to explode. The intrigue only grows at this point for me. Ves had an orgasm, I think. She stood there… literally swooning and wetting herself. Now I know what she does with her own firearm when no one is looking.

Ash killed a demonic harpy… with his boomstick.

A breeze built up. A weird breeze. Surprisingly cool. It was midday; not exactly ideal conditions for a cool breeze, and no trees were swaying. The breeze built up and began to coalesce into… a shape… a fist. Without warning it slammed into Ash and sent him flying. He landed unconscious. Before I could react to him, the fist dispersed into a swirling vortex that seemed to originate from the ground, and pierce endlessly into the sky. The cacophony happened again, and these orcs… that appeared to be dead… were saying in unison to all of us, “We’ll swallow your soul. We’ll swallow your soul.” Okay, some weird demon shit is happening again.

Orc zombies, supernaturally possessed, attacked us.

After a long lasting melee, we put down the first set of orcs. I say first set, because more began popping out of the vortex. They ran throughout Ft. Wilderness and, in turn, Ivan had Patroklos get the militia working together to defend the compound. Ivan is a natural leader. He commands respect, and people listen, I could definitely use that. Need to remember that for if I ever need it. I had to stop getting directly involved in the battle, because what happened next almost made my heart stop.

Tentacles popped out of the ground.

I know those tentacles. They are in my visions. They are in my dreams. They are in my soul – if I actually have one. I have studied so long and so hard, to find some proof, some evidence, something… I can’t write anymore right now. I am starting to feel something… different. For the first time in my life, I have something I never had before… Confirmation.

I Did Her A Favor
Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

I couldn’t fight the urge. I had to act. The whispers became screams. The drips became geysers. It’s a gentle nibble at first. Then it becomes a gnaw. Then it becomes a bite. By the Gods, no one has any idea what I go through. It is okay for a few days. But then a week goes by. I just… have to…

I made some tea.

I met with the woman that was chained up in that Orc Captain’s tent. I got her to talk about things she would rather not. A sense of pleasure came over me as she was forthright about her pain. Her nerves made her jittery. I reassured her and talked to her like a professional. She completely fell for it. Gullibility…

She drank the tea.

The thought of a strong willed woman like this, willingly having sex with that orc. She said she did it to protect her sister. What kind of a person puts the needs of someone else over their own. By the Gods, what was she thinking? She’s a liar. She did it because she liked it. She is just using her sister as a cover so no one will know. Too late…

The tea didn’t work.

The arrogance of this woman resisting the tea. Especially when it is so God damned expensive. Who does she think she is? This whore. If she won’t allow the tea to take her over, then I will do this the old fashioned way. This is always the way of things isn’t it? You try to be nice. You try to give someone a chance. Always have to go back to the basics. Typical…

She laid on the examination table.

I told her I was going to give her a mild anesthetic; so there wouldn’t be any pain at all. Told her I had to examine for pregnancy. She fell for that too. Maybe, just maybe, a hint of regret overwhelmed her. Good. She needs to know that what she did was wrong. How dare she use her sister as justification for her sins against humanity. It was just a little pin prick…

I injected her with my special toxin.

She said she started to feel weak. And that was the whole idea. I asked her to raise her arms. She couldn’t. That worked. This is all my fault. You try and do new things; unnecessary risk. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself. How can I take my art to the next level if things keep failing like this? Must be more careful…

She died just like all the others.

What in the Nine Hells am I doing? Why did I do this here? How can I dispose of this body when I am surrounded by people that are trained to kill? I have to think. Think damn it. The orcs. Yes, the orcs. I will lure one in here and blame the whole thing on him. They are such savages, so brutal, of course everyone will think one of them did it. I have to say, I am a genius. I know people more than they know themselves. Success…

The orc was arrested.

The newly appointed sheriff, Avery… what in the Nine Hells is Ivan thinking… she remembered she hated orcs. Every single one of them was punished. They are all on skewers, slowly dying. I am in the clear. Not only did I quiet the whispers, but I sparked the inner fire of the bear lover. I helped her remember she was a fighter. I helped her remember she had an enemy. I helped her remember she hated orcs. I did her a favor…

What the fuck is going on outside?

The Ripper Strikes Again
The Old Post


Poetry in Motion
Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

I cleaned my hands and dried them off. I must do what others scoff.
I do not shy, I do not wink. I remove society’s weakest link.

My bloody tools are a beautiful sight. I am overcome with pride, despite my might.
You will know me tender and know me sweet. Quit taking money for a trick or treat.

Flesh is flesh, despite the source. I will instruct you all; delightful course.
Behold my work, so near and dear. I am the man, you will learn to fear.

You may think you’re safe and sound. I pinned your body to the ground.
Sanguine presence as you lie. Fuck you whore and fucking die.


The Coming Storm
Journal of Sir Ivan

There is a storm coming. I feel it. I feel silly writing such pointless things as my musings, but I suppose my brothers will need some record to erase in case of my failure. This coming Storm I am sensing: these are not your normal border skirmishes. This is something new. The first drops of blood on both sides, shall soon escalate into a downpour. I will be ready. I have to, for Chileax. I am doing the best I can to see my company is as ready.

Fire... Fire... Fire...
Thoughts of a Gunslinger

You want to know what makes my heart flutter? Seeing the golden red fires and the rumbling of explosion!

I can see the joys it gives my boss and I, so many see it as destruction. I see it as a beautiful purge and purity.

We have finished the desecration of the orc encampment. Now we are setting up for a stage of beauty. Sir Ivan says that we are to expect more Orcs, and I smile.

My newest lovely friend Pyra and I have enjoyed each others company as we work together to pour our love and knowledge into making enough bombs to supply our people.

Orc Horde Annihilated
The Old Post


Work Complete
Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

I told the orc, “Do not scream. I will make it even worse.” He replied by spitting on me. I didn’t mind. I bound his feet, and both of his legs. I bound his hands, and both of his arms. I removed the bindings around his torso. I then bound his head. My first cut was to severe his spinal column. I don’t want him moving around. I then removed all of his bindings. I then told him, “You can scream now if you want to.” He did.

I amputated his arms and cauterized the wounds. I don’t want him to bleed out right now. I then amputated his legs and cauterized those wounds as well. He passed out, but after subjecting him to smelling salts, he roused and was in shock. He began to weep. I began to grin.

I disemboweled him next and flayed his entrails before him; elevated, so he could see them. I then placed my hand on his forehead, and assured him everything was going to be okay. He tried to cry out, but the paralysis overtook him. His genitalia was removed next – and placed into his mouth. I placed a catheter into his esophagus so that he wouldn’t choke on the putrid body-part.

Wiping the tears and blood off of his face, I told him I was almost finished. I then told him, “You continue to see for about 10 to 20 seconds after decapitation. I just thought you should know that. I would like for you to see things from my point of view.” A clean cut across his throat caused him to gargle and gag. The catheter in his windpipe became clogged. Drowning on his own blood, I reached into his torso, and severed the arteries and connective tissue of his heart. I used my sickle and decapitated him. I picked his head off the floor and allowed him to see in passing, the wonderful display of mutilated orc.

I cauterized the neck of the head I was holding. Let’s see what a Great Old One can do for me, shall we?

The Doctor Is In
Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand


Before I begin my work on this orc, I had to update my diary. This orc is scared shitless. I can tell. He knows he isn’t going to make it out of this alive. What he doesn’t know, is how he is leaving this world. That is what is bothering him the most. He keeps trying to ask me questions while I am sitting here, in my doctor’s outfit, writing in this diary. I am going to let him sweat this out before I begin with his surgery. I am so sick of orcs trying to kill me and my companions. I believe an example needs to be made, and Sir Ivan believes that I can best provide that example. I appreciate his trust in me. Now, a recap of recent events.

Since my last entry we were resting until daybreak. We happened upon an encampment of orcs, of which the escapees made their way to, and our newest companion’s tracking skills led us here. There appeared to be three orc sentries with several orcs, probably a dozen, staggered around a campfire. Behind them was a cage containing what we found out to be human females. Obviously raped, tortured, and etc. I helped devise a plan that I would disguise myself and take out two of their sentries. It appears only I have the required skills for such a deed.

I slowly approached the furthest sentry from our position, and told this drunken, green skinned freak that I was relieving him for duty. He so gullibly took my words as truth and went into a tent for some shut eye. I then made my way to the next furthest one away, and I made that orc believe that my toxins were alcoholic beverages. I would drink an empty vial, and he would drink a full vial. Needless to say, he was paralyzed in less than a minute. I looked around to make sure no one was witnessing my coup de grace to this paralyzed orc. I love it when they can see it coming. I enjoy the look in their eyes as they fade away.

I lit a torch, and tossed it away as a signal for the others to do whatever the hell it was they wanted to do.

While the rest of my companions did whatever they were doing, I walked into the tent that contained the sleeping orc, and delivered a coup de grace to him. Afterward, I called outside to one of the orcs to help me inside this tent. As he entered, I stabbed him in the neck and killed him. This is too easy. I cleaned away the orc filth from my sword cane and waited for the noises outside to settle down before leaving the tent. I removed my disguise and told on the orcs to make a decision to continue and die, or give up and possibly live. They helped subdue their chieftain since he didn’t want to give up when they did.

Sir Ivan wanted gather some information from this chieftain, and we set him up, while tied up, brought him into this tent. I don’t want the women to see what I am going to do, it would give them nightmares.

We got the orc to tell us where he came from, who his superior is, and why he was here. After kind-of-sort-of saying he would serve Sir Ivan, Sir Ivan decided we would be better off without this liability to our safety. I asked Sir Ivan to leave, as I began to put on my surgical clothes. He doesn’t need to see this either.

I love my work. I love what I do. And I would be better served with others not knowing how I do it.jack_ripper.jpg

The Wonders of Black Powder
Thoughts of a Gunslinger

Today we marched against orcs, it was lovely to watch the wonders of the black powder. Explosions of beauty ripples of golds and reds. As it helped us in our March.

Bodies lay scattered on the ground similar to that of leaves I’m autumn. I smiled from my post ad I and a group of archers cover the groups in the ground.

What joys to be held as the souls departure from the ghastly bodies. Yes this is where I will gladly rest my body for the time being till something better comes along.


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