Cheliax, Empire of Devils

The Whispers of C'thun

Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

My personal research has brought me to learn of C’thulhu’s herald, a monstrosity named C’thun. C’thun likes to whisper to us when we are vulnerable. In my case, when I am sleeping. The whispers of my madness now has a name. I can’t get his whispers out of my head at night. They never stop probing my subconscious. They never stop pushing me to the brink. I don’t know how much longer I can contain it. Maybe I shouldn’t try.

Death is close.

Death is the one constant in this world. We hardly think of it until it comes near. Then we become obsessed with trying to prevent it. We watch what we eat, we watch where we go. Death is always around the corner.

You are already dead.

In the end of all things, we are all dead men. Everything that has ever lived is dead. Everything that is alive is going to die. Why fight it? Death is natural. The harder we fight nature, the harder it fights back.

Your courage will fail.

Some say courage is a virtue. I say it is a curse. I haven’t known any fear as far as I can remember. It has helped me be who I am. However, fear also guides us away from danger. I walk a dangerous path.

Your friends will abandon you.

I don’t have any friends that I know of. Even if I had them, if they knew who or what I really was, they would without a doubt abandon me. Am I truly alone in this world?

You will die.

Will it be Ivan that enforces the law when he finds out? Will it be Ichabod catching me in the act? Will it be a stray bullet from Ves? Will it be Avery’s bear sniffing me out? Or will a victim get the best of me?

You are weak.

Weakness is subliminal. Could be anything. Am I weak because I choose to prey on women? Am I weak because I am physically vulnerable? Am I weak because I don’t experience emotions like I should?

You’re heart will explode.

Emotionally? Physically? What am I to do?


a fucking mazing, probably your best yet bro!
I freaking love it… as well as C’thun’s video at the end.

The Whispers of C'thun
Brendon_Mize Brendon_Mize

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