Cheliax, Empire of Devils

The Securing of Fort Wilderness

Letter to Lord Wellington Regarding the Fort Wilderness Operation

Lord Wellington:

I have hired some mercenaries, sadly most had sculptor’s hands. Despite this; The operation was a resounding success, we breached the exterior walls at the suggested weak points, as you suspected the orcish engineering was laughable. I plan to start tracking down the survivors after i set the mercenaries, freed slaves, and orc captives to repair. Apologies for the lack of detail, but duty calls. I must see to the security of the compound while i reward the warriors with some well earned rest.

Sir Ivan, Knight Errant of Cheliax


Love it! I added a signet seal with the letter “I” for Ivan.

Torrie is the artist and I’m not seeing any art!

The Securing of Fort Wilderness
Brendon_Mize Brendon_Mize

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