Cheliax, Empire of Devils

My Kind of Town

Another Bar Adventure: This time it will be different.

Dagon is Lord of the Sea, watching, waiting for his offering from me. Natasha was inspired this morning, she requested we visit the village by the sea. As usual her flight of fancy served the masters’ will quite well. We took over the lease on a fishing vessel today. I felt the pull of my puppet strings. As i was wasting valuable time getting to know my new captain, strange fish people attacked us. In my haste for self preservation, i perhaps showed the village a bit more power than I had intended. No matter, for the four armed fish-man slammed the doctor through the floor, into the sea. As i was summoning in beasts of the deep to protect him, I glimpsed into the depths. If I honor the old pact with Dagon, our nets will be full. This is the promise written in the ruins! That moment I decided we should capture these fish people. The blood of enemies is acceptable to the bargain.


Brendon_Mize TerryZellers

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