Cheliax, Empire of Devils

Letter to the Surgeon General

Notes of Dr. Herbert West

Dr. Herbert West

Cheliax Medical Association | Westcrown Chapter | Department of Thanatology

Fireday, Lamushan 7th, 4716
Honorable Vassindio Drovenge, Surgeon General
Cheliax Medical Assocation, Westcrown Chapter
Parego Dospera District, House Drovenge

Dear Honorable Vassindio Drovenge, Surgeon General:

I am writing this, since I am being foolishly penalized for something that isn’t my fault, but that’s neither here nor there; to tell you that I am taking a day off of work and attending the Opera tomorrow. I have been officially requested to watch a private session of a local diva, Natasha Fairskies.

No, we aren’t romantically connected, so don’t even bother asking.

Also, let me tell you what really happened, so I won’t have to keep writing this nonsense every time I want to go do something that doesn’t include your idiocy.

I had a bad day at work. People that actually work for a living have those sorts of days. So, I went to a tavern, which I’ve never been to before, to try and relax a little. As soon as I have a drink ordered and I am going over my research notes, a mob begins harassing me.

I moved to a different table as to avoid conflict. Before I could get comfortable again, that mob holds the entire tavern up. They begin demanding all of our possessions. The keeper of the peace within the tavern, and some woman I was sitting next to, begin attacking the mob. I, of course not wanting to look like a putts, threw an alchemist’s fire into the mob.

Now, those women killed all of those people. I may have caused some fire damage, but you blame them for death and destruction, not me. I don’t take this, “keeping tabs on me,” very lightly and it is inhibiting my research.

And before you think you can simply get rid of me, or my department, remember this, I have tenure and I have a contract. You may be rich and famous, but, I have the law on my side; not to mention smarter than you are. Now that I have that off my chest, have a nice day, “Surgeon.”




Brendon_Mize Brendon_Mize

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