Cheliax, Empire of Devils

Investigation Day 1: Sir Ivan's Award Banquet

Investigation Notes of Lord Ichabod Crane

Cheliax Services of Investigation

Westcrown Division

Case No.:



Arodus 24th, 4761

Reporting Officer:

Ichabod Crane

Prepared By:

Ichabod Crane


The Westcrown Ripper Murders

Entry No.:


Description of Accident/Issue:

Unknown Assailant caused the death of five known female prostitutes. Method of Operation is death by mutilation. No known witnesses and no known suspects. Time of death is uncertain but the victims were found in the early mornings. That would indicate the victims were murdered in the late hours of the night prior to discovery.

No blood trails and no foreign objects are available that would lead to any suspects or any further locations of interest. Notes have been provided to authorities claiming to be the murderer. That would indicate a high amount of confidence, a lack of fear, and a complete lack of empathy on behalf of the victims. Knowing the notes, written with the victims’ blood, would eventually be passed on to the press, this indicates a need for grandiosity.

The murderer knows exactly what he is doing. These are not random acts of violence. These acts are methodical, planned, and meticulous. The assailant may have knowledge of law enforcement, crime scene investigation, and/or anatomy. A high amount of intelligence would allow the murderer to stay ahead of the investigators at all times. Although the murders are irrational, the murderer contains a high amount of rational thinking. The murderer knows exactly what mistakes to avoid detection.

A banquet was hosted by the Mayor of Westcrown honoring a local citizen. The local citizen is Sir Ivan, with the accompanying moniker, The Unbreakable. He is a member of the Hell Knights and belongs to the Order of the Nail. The murders appeared to have begun around the same time Sir Ivan began his conquest of what is now known as Ft. Wilderness. There are no known links of the murders to Sir Ivan, however, with his position, he would have a vast knowledge of the laws, the inner workings of investigators, and the like. With a home base of operations on the outside of Westcrown, he would have an ample amount of alibi, along with the trust of his followers to provide corroborating testimony.

Also present at the banquet was the recently appoints Sheriff of Ft. Wilderness. A comely woman, yet barbaric, named Avery Orion. Her background is mostly unknown, but she is a woodsman and a tracker. Living outside of society possibly most of her adult life. Interesting that she is suddenly thrust into civil society with an unelected, elected position. Being a lady of the hunt, a knowledge of anatomy would be high, and knowledge of tracking would serve greatly in not only following tracks, but covering them up as well. There are no known links of the murders to Lady Avery, however, with her position, she would have a knowledge of the laws, access to the inner workings of the investigators, and the like. With a home base of operations in the wilderness, and coincidently at Ft. Wilderness, she would have an ample amount of alibi, along with the trust of not only Sir Ivan, but his followers as well, giving corroborating testimony without any reasonable doubt.

Also present at the banquet is a member of the Cheliax Free Press. A common man, yet slightly aristocratic, named Bradford Wilkinson. His background is of common birth, and highly educated in university of language, literature, chemistry, and journalism. Living inside Westcrown almost his whole life, with countess contacts to provide information for investigative journalism, his skills of persuasion, legerdemain, and information gathering would be of benefit. There are no known links of the murders to Bradford Wilkinson, however, with his position, he would have vast knowledge of the laws, vast access to the inner workings of the investigators, and the like. With a home base of operations within Westcrown, and ties to Ft. Wilderness, his alibi would be nearly rock solid as well as the corroborating testimony of endless witnesses. Bradford Wilkinson, as a journalist, could literally have a rhyme or a reason for any situation.

The last members of the professional circle of Sir Ivan, is Dr. Grigori Strand, whom was present at the banquet as well. Although, I will have to note, walked away just as I was walking up to introduce myself to Sir Ivan, and also walked back just as I was walking away.

Dr. Grigori house is an aristocratic man and not a Cheliax native. He spent most of his adult life in Westcrown, however, and is a highly respected member of the Cheliax Medical Association. He specializes in Toxicology and Pharmaceuticals. He has direct involvement with the murders, as a forensics expert, and autopsy provider. He is also best friends (???) with Bradford Wilkinson.

Being a Chemist, a Toxicologist, and a Physician, he is a very learned man. There are no known links of the murders to Dr. Grigori Strand, however, he has had direct access to the victims after they were discovered by authorities. With his position, he would have vast knowledge of the laws, vast access to the inner workings of the investigators, vast access to the press, and the like. With practices within Westcrown and Ft. Wilderness, he would have rock solid alibis, corroborating testimony from any number of people, and the protection of pure prestige from other medical, law enforcement, and aristocratic members of society. Dr. Grigori Strand, as a physician, could literally have a rhyme or a reason for any situation.

I will have to add that Sir Ivan complimented Dr. Grigori Strand as being the best physician and forensic expert he has ever met. Not knowing Sir Ivan as well as the common man, I may not appreciate that candor as well as I should, however, Sir Ivan wouldn’t place his reputation on the line for anything less than what he stated.

I was able to confront Dr. Grigori Strand, albeit very briefly, at the end of the banquets. His demeanor is very cool and collected. His words are very careful and articulated. He definitely thinks before he says anything. He told me, “I look forward to the time in meeting with you.” I responded, “I look forward to that time as well.” There was slight cynicism and arrogance in his tone of voice. I had glanced over to Sir Ivan prior to departure, and he was literally sizing me up with his eyes.

Sir Ivan, as I can perceive, is very protective of his… people.

Actions Taken:

Sir Ivan, along with his companions, were not questioned directly at the banquet. I merely made my presence known, introduced myself, and was as forthcoming to my intents and purposes as necessary. He welcomed me to Ft. Wilderness, of which I will need to take him up on that offer.

I have requested as much background information on Sir Ivan, and his people, as is known. I have also requested the background information on all local law enforcement personnel, brothel owners, and medical personnel. These three industries are connect somehow. Only by knowing everyone involved, can I predict knowing everyone that will become involved.

Report Summary:

The Westcrown Ripper is taunting law enforcement. Law enforcement is ill-prepared for such a string of crimes. There are high profile people of interest, but no known suspects as of yet. The high profile nature of the people of interest could prove difficult in the days ahead of the investigation. After all, it is hard to snoop around awardees of the Queen, when there is no indication at all that they should be.

The Westcrown Ripper, without a doubt know that I am now investigating his crimes. He will without a doubt learn my reputation and background story. We will undoubtedly be switching roles of Cat and Mouse, or Predator and Prey. With his notes he left behind, he needs the challenge. He is without a doubt often bored due to power of his intelligence. How could an investigator out-think a thinker?

The Westcrown Ripper needs me to investigate him. He needs the challenge. I need to stop him.

Follow Up:

It was discovered two individuals within Sir Ivan’s personal circle were not in attendance of his banquet. One person, his squire, is named Patroklos Alexander, is an equestrian, soldier, and small time blacksmith. It wouldn’t be that difficult to assume he stayed behind to care for the warhorses and overall security of Ft. Wilderness. The other person is named Ves. There are no background records on Lady Ves. None at all. I need to find out who she is, and why she wouldn’t want to be seen at a banquet.


nope, no he dont ….bwaahahahahahha this is going to be interesting seeing how you act this scene out >.>


It will be interesting. <3

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