Cheliax, Empire of Devils

Doctor for Hire?

Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

I knew that yesterday was going to be the start of something extremely interesting. A rather large man, apparently a Brevoy native, named Viktor Zangief was brought into my practice yesterday for toxicological care. This drunken, battered, and beaten mountain of a man had not only alcohol poisoning, but he had been poisoned. The bio-toxin that I found in Zangief’s body is most likely that of a pufferfish. The alcohol within his body no doubt weakened his immune system to such a degree, the poison had a very easy time affecting him.

I remember a couple of days ago, I had a special order to create a tranquilizer for livestock – that I synthesized from a puffer fish. No matter.

After I stabilized him and got him onto the path of recovery, I decided I deserved a fine meal and a fine drink. I went to one of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Cheliax. I am a doctor after all. After finishing my ale and my leg of roast suckling pig, I overheard a conversation between a couple of people that were speaking about a rather large man disappearing. I got a little closer, and they were describing Zangief. It seems the big guy had companions.

I reassured his companions that their friend is okay, stable, and under professional care at my medical facility. They thanked me. Their figurehead, a man named Ivan, offered me Zangief’s position amongst his team. Apparently, Ivan was commissioned to recover a small fortification that had been overrun by orcs. Ivan expressed the need for medical assistance under such a potential conflict. My colleague, Bradford Wilkinson, drew up some contracts, as I agreed to assist him, and I notified my medical facility that I would be out on personal leave for a few days.

We approached this compound – which has some great potential to be a trading post, or an outpost, due to its location amongst natural resources. It is a shame it is under control by such unintelligent beings as orcs. Orcs just don’t have the capacity to understand what they have; such a pity. Ves, Ivan’s female companion, which is largely muscled, dark skinned, and rather masculine (I guess I would have sex with her if I had to – could be an interesting experience), has a penchant for alchemy. It was amazing to see she had created explosive devices that literally blew through the walls of the compound.

I don’t like describing combat too much so I will not go into too much detail about that. But I will say that we (we being Ivan, Ves, his hired mercenaries, and myself) were victorious. The orcs that were not killed ran off into the horizon. We were victorious. My first siege, and really my first “battle,” and we were victorious. We captured their chieftain, and an ogre, and I am very delighted to have a conversation with an orc chieftain. As I finish writing this, I shall prepare myself for a little… enhanced interrogation. Let’s find out what this orc chieftain knows.


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