Cheliax, Empire of Devils

Damn Blasted Animals

Pet them she says, be Gentle she says

Serious, these things are a pain both on my body and on my head!

We make plans to gather more animal ammunition, the idea of sick inland sharks on people makes my giggle, I will admit. While making plans the sheriff we noticed the small animals tenses to growl or hiss at me!

Stupid animals what the hell do they know? Now the sheriff is leery about me going with them, so she is giving me “lessons” on how to be nice to these little asshats. All they do is bite me, and she yells at me for punching or kicking them. What the hell am I to do when something lashes out at me?! This is honestly bewildering.

They said that there is going to be a feast for Sir Ivan, and everyone who is anyone will be there. I was all to willing to stay back and watch the fort. I just hope no one noticing how quickly I was to accepting the plan. sighs Hopefully, just hopefully, anyone who is the one I’m still dodging will not be on to be there…


Nice blend of humor and dread.

Damn Blasted Animals

thanks, im not sure if my backstory is going to come back to haunt me or not… but i wanted to include it.

Damn Blasted Animals

Only time will tell. I think it is nice to incorporate players’ story in-game.

Damn Blasted Animals

Actually, I think it is vital to incorporate backstories into a the game. Otherwise, why else would we care about backstories?

Damn Blasted Animals
Brendon_Mize Brendon_Mize

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