Cheliax, Empire of Devils


Diary of Dr. Grigori Strand

I have never cried a day in my life. At least, I have no memory of it. I have never felt sadness, or guilt, or shame. Those emotions just don’t exist for me. When someone loses a loved one, or they receive the damning news of something inevitable, or a loved one committed a morbid atrocity, I seriously can’t relate to what they are feeling. I can only look upon them with wanderlust, and awe. What is it they are experiencing? How does that feel? I have been asked many times, “How can you stand there and not shed one tear? Don’t you care about anything?” Truth is… I do care about a lot of things. I just don’t feel what most people do. Maybe that is how I can do the things that I do. Who knows?

I often contemplate my own existence…. and worth.

After hearing some weird lightning storm happening outside, I went out to investigate, like most of the others. A tremendous cacophony overtook us all, and within a flash, a man, along with some debris, literally fell from the sky; landed in the middle of Ft. Wilderness. His name is Ash. I was a little bewildered at first, chalking this up as some eldritch mistake. But, he mentioned something that I have only read about in forbidden texts. He mentioned it with such a familiarity and lack of appreciation; I couldn’t remove my eyes from him. I studied his every move. I was completely captivated. I needed to know more.

His name is Ash… Housewares.

Through the commotion, a creature I have never seen before came flying toward him. It must have knew him because it was cursing his name. Without any hesitation on his part, and a lot on our part, he pulled out the most finely crafted firearm I have ever seen. It had to be a firearm because a very loud boom came from it, and caused the head of the murderous creature to explode. The intrigue only grows at this point for me. Ves had an orgasm, I think. She stood there… literally swooning and wetting herself. Now I know what she does with her own firearm when no one is looking.

Ash killed a demonic harpy… with his boomstick.

A breeze built up. A weird breeze. Surprisingly cool. It was midday; not exactly ideal conditions for a cool breeze, and no trees were swaying. The breeze built up and began to coalesce into… a shape… a fist. Without warning it slammed into Ash and sent him flying. He landed unconscious. Before I could react to him, the fist dispersed into a swirling vortex that seemed to originate from the ground, and pierce endlessly into the sky. The cacophony happened again, and these orcs… that appeared to be dead… were saying in unison to all of us, “We’ll swallow your soul. We’ll swallow your soul.” Okay, some weird demon shit is happening again.

Orc zombies, supernaturally possessed, attacked us.

After a long lasting melee, we put down the first set of orcs. I say first set, because more began popping out of the vortex. They ran throughout Ft. Wilderness and, in turn, Ivan had Patroklos get the militia working together to defend the compound. Ivan is a natural leader. He commands respect, and people listen, I could definitely use that. Need to remember that for if I ever need it. I had to stop getting directly involved in the battle, because what happened next almost made my heart stop.

Tentacles popped out of the ground.

I know those tentacles. They are in my visions. They are in my dreams. They are in my soul – if I actually have one. I have studied so long and so hard, to find some proof, some evidence, something… I can’t write anymore right now. I am starting to feel something… different. For the first time in my life, I have something I never had before… Confirmation.


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